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herbal rejuvenation

John has written two books about herbal medicine and health. They are both available to buy online.

Lessons on Health and Longevity from Pre-History to the Modern Day

Natural healing methods from around the world promote health and wellbeing.

“Join John E. Smith as he shares the vast body of knowledge he has gathered from other cultures about food, herbs, health, and healing.John has travelled the world studying how other societies use food and herbs as medicine.

In Food, Herbs, Health & Heal

ing, he examines various natural healing systems and then distils his findings into a common sense approach to health and wellbeing; introducing foods, herbs, herbalists, and alchemists. He discusses the healing properties of plant medicines, and then shows us how to safely use ancient remedies to relieve dozens of common ailments.

Food, Herbs, Health & Healing is a practice-proven method to achieve better health . . . naturally.”

In his earlier book '100 Herbs of Power' John attempted to bridge different traditions of Herbalism, and outline the differences and parallels that exist between them.

There are literally thousands of plants which have medicinal properties. He chose a few from each herbal tradition (Ayurvedic, Chinese, Western, Middle Eastern and some of the more Shamanic cultures).

In his practice John draws from many herbal traditions as he considers that although in the West we have many herbs to choose from, our herbal heritage has suffered a great deal of persecution over the centuries; and we live in an age where all cultures are coming together and need to benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience.

STOP PRESS: New Book - "FRAGRANCES OF THE SOUL" The Attari Tradition of Therapeutic Perfumes - to be pubished in the new year.

Now available via Amazon, Barns and Noble etc. Some copies available from me email

[email protected]